Location: Interpipeline, LaCorey, AB
5000 hp Electric motor coupled to horizontal multi-stage pump.

Project background

5000 hp Electric motor coupled to horizontal multi-stage pump.
With a 5 year history of problematic pumps; out of the 3 pumps, one had issues from installation and as a result, was not functioning properly and therefor did not operate.
Several other companies including engineering and vibration firms over the years were unable to ascertain the root cause or steps to rectification.

A small list of what they were told to do by other firms:

  • Replace the motor with a new model (excessive costs to be incurred)
  • Remove and repair the existing motor
  • Geotechnical issue –  required removal of concrete and structural supports
  • Truck in gravel every year to place around the perimeter of the building to address this “as a seasonal issue” by illuding to the pump being installed on muskeg

Vibe.FX Solution

Suspecting it was a resonance issue at the motors’ rotating frequency (turning speed), we proposed a customer tailored solution to the existing in-situ equipment.  This process was very time efficient in producing excellent results.

Mobilized: contract 24hrs T&M or lump sum easy terms. No HSSE Incidents

Inspection: 1 hr, analysis: 1 hr, recommendation: 3hr, repair

Result: pumping unit running and under Vibe.FX care, custody, measure program (ccmp)

Ongoing maintenance strategy 

Uptime 99.4%

Unit now profitable

Completed on T&M Easy Terms – Per Schedule and Customer satisfaction

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