Vibe.fxPlanning & Scheduling

VIBE.Fx Planning Process

  • Maintain records for all equipment in the assigned area including CMMS related data.
  • Equipment bills of material.
  • Identity and order, through Materials procurement’s processes, all materials for routine work orders.
  • Estimate all routine work.
  • Update all planning related CMMS program data.
  • Development of the necessary Routine scheduled maintenance activities to;
    • Meet applicable regulatory and safety requirements
    • Maintain equipment availability, uptime and reliability to meet production capacity requirements.
  • Report issues and problems relating to equipment and crew activities.
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Maintain all levels of communication.
  • Close all work orders.

Our planner’s role is to gather and assemble all necessary information from all available sources to provide a package that allows for the smooth execution of scheduled work activities.

VIBE.Fx Scheduling Process

  • Maintain longer term crew and area schedules, typically a minimum 3 week plus forecast of scheduled work activities.
  • Work with the crew supervisors to coordinate work through planning that is approved to disrupt the current week’s schedule of work.
  • Make necessary adjustments to the schedule as the work week progresses.
  • Coordinate work involving more that one craft technician or craft group.
  • Work with planners and materials group to stage parts and materials for scheduled jobs.
  • Verify parts and materials (direct purchase) availability for work scheduled.
  • Manage work order backlog.
  • Work with crew supervisors to develop schedules for short notice outage work.

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