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VIBE.Fx OFFERS In-Situ solutions

Vibe.FX is often called upon to provide solutions which we repair in-situ, where our competitors have to have the rotating equipment shipped to their shop. Equipment repair can be carried out on site at your location. After a thorough inspection is completed, a full report of the machine’s condition will be drawn up.


When repairing a piece of equipment to ‘as new’ condition, the following points are addressed:

  • Overall condition
  • Detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition.
  • List of parts suitable for re-use or refurbishment.
  • List of parts to be replaced.
  • Estimate of time and cost of work needed.
Custom Engineered Solutions

Advantages with the Vibe.FX approach

Foundation and mounting systems under rotating equipment often will deteriorate over time. When that happens, the dynamic forces or deflections in the system can exceed permitted levels. This can necessitate very costly foundation (or mounting) system repair and re-grouting if the plant can accept the downtime.

At Vibe.FX we repair the foundation and mounting systems Alternative approaches (such as shimming) that don’t require machine downtime to repair (or renew) mounting systems have proven successful and recently become very popular.

Cost Savings

Time savings

reduced downtime/ increased uptime

Complete Overhaul Services

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Individual component dimensional inspection
  • Rotor unstacking
  • Replacement of impellers, diffusers, Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV), shafts, and shaft components
  • Repair
  • Component part balancing
  • Rotor balancing at low and full operational speed
  • Assembly of rotors and machines
  • Final quality control inspections


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