Vibe.fx services

Vapor Scrubbing

Planning & Scheduling

Vibe.FX Inc. offers Planning & Scheduling contract services. Our planners and schedulers are competent and highly qualified individuals. Where applicable Vibe.FX’s planners are journeyman craftsperson with a minimum 10+ years’ experience.

Repair & Contractor Services

Our experts can determine the root cause of failures, recommend corrective actions, and assist in the implementation of improved maintenance practices.


Brand new or refurbished, all newly installed equipment requires commissioning. Vibe.FX installs and commissions all rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and steam turbines entire systems anywhere – on time and ready for operation

Maintenance Work Process & Data Systems

World Class Reliability programs require a fully functional and well-implemented Maintenance Work Management system, based on industry BEST processes, enabling improved maintenance efficiency, maintenance services, business insight, and higher equipment uptime. It also provides data to make decisions, both on the frontline and in the boardroom, by asset management executives.
Equipment Maintenance
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