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Rotating equipment can come with reliability challenges that can debilitate operations. We’re often called in moments of crisis to fix problems that have effectively shut everything down. Whether the issue is a vibration, resonance, or process problem, our services typically begin with a consultation to assess the situation and help us select the right people and tools for the job. From there, we send in a targeted team with the experience and expertise to solve your problem in addition to one of our service trucks equipped to tackle any unexpected challenges. At times, we may need to step back and formulate a plan that suits your budget and your needs, but for every complication, we can provide a full circle solution you can rely on.

Troubleshooting + Consulting

Sometimes, all you need is an outsider to assess the problem and see the solution. As a result, Vibe.FX can troubleshoot and consult over the phone (though we prefer face-to-face) to get your operations up and running immediately. Once you’re back on your feet, we can sit down with you to create a customized solution for maintenance that will help your teams foresee and manage potential issues down the road.

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Custom Engineered Solutions

One-size never fits all. At Vibe.FX, we engineer to meet your specific needs, designing and developing solutions customized your operations. Whatever your needs are, we partner with you to brainstorm, conceptualize, design, and draft a solution that exceeds your expectations and meets your safety and quality needs.

Motion Amplification

We pioneered utilizing RDI Technologies’ motion amplification  software in western Canada – this technology allows us to quickly and easily see and measure your equipment’s deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration. This visualization technology aids in vibration analysis, allowing us to see what we physically cannot see with our eyes. Using motion amplification, we can create an actual video – not just a model – of your equipment to see the subtleties in its bends, twists, and shakes and diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.

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vapor scrubbing

We partner with Vapor Scrubbing Inc. to provide clients with air pollution control devices that remove particulates and gases from industrial exhaust streams. We can remove hydrocarbons, acids, amines, EDC, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, acrylates, ammonia and sewage odors.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Your air-cooled heat exchanger (or Fin Fan/air cooler) is essentially the lungs of your plant or refinery; its job is to cool or condense process fluids and gases, transferring the heat to the air. And while cleaning services can certainly improve function and efficiency by removing debris that restricts airflow, sometimes cleaning is not enough. Often, a vibration issue is the crux of the problem and fan balancing, modifications, and optimization are needed to fix it.


Whether brand new or refurbished, all newly installed equipment requires commissioning. And rotating equipment, in particular, needs a practiced, expert millwright to anticipate, inspect, and correct alignment, vibration, resonance, and balancing issues before operations commence. During commissioning, Vibe.FX can pinpoint problems and provide full, turnkey solutions – sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting speeds and rebalancing to correct resonance issues.

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vibration analysis

Part of predictive maintenance, vibration analysis measures machinery’s vibration levels and frequencies to determine its health. Used for monitoring, detecting, and analyzing machinery condition, vibration analysis reduces equipment and labour costs while also increasing productivity, safety, revenue, and efficiency. With it, we can accurately monitor, trend, and diagnose mechanical faults within both rotating as well as stationary equipment that may have detrimental resonant vibration.

static + Dynamic Balancing

Properly balancing the rotating elements of industrial equipment is crucial to reliable and efficient operations. We can typically balance equipment on location, avoiding unnecessary and lengthy equipment outages.


Laser Alignment

When machines are correctly aligned, you reduce downtime and increases efficiency. Using state-of-the-art lasers, we can properly align equipment components prior to start-up. Properly installed and aligned equipment, coupled with a comprehensive predictive and preventative maintenance plan, ensures a long and reliable service life.

Thermal Image of Heat Leak

Infrared Thermography

Another troubleshooting tool, infrared thermography allows us to pinpoint and diagnose issues with equipment bearings and electrical components and connections. We can use this technology to survey temperature-sensitive process lines, allowing us to easily identify insulation deficiencies on piping systems, for example, or precisely locate heat trace faults.

care + custody

A major concern in today’s construction environment is the proper preservation and handling of new equipment and materials upon delivery, through the construction phase, and into commissioning and start-up. Improperly attended equipment is a leading cause of failure and poor performance, resulting in significant costs and a delayed schedule. Implementing a thorough preservation program as early as possible mitigates potential issues before they arise. Vibe.FX can receive, inspect, handle, preserve, and monitor your critical equipment through the entire construction and installation process, protecting your investment.


Vibe.FX performs all aspects of equipment maintenance, overhaul, and inspections. With basic maintenance services in place, we can minimize downtime significantly. If you have equipment that is unreliable and in constant need of repair, we can determine the root cause of failures, recommend corrective actions, and assist in the implementation of improved maintenance practices.

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