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Rotating Equipment Specialists

Rotating Equipment Experts

If it rotates, we can troubleshoot it, balance it, align it, engineer it, analyze it, fix it.

Not only does our team of rotating equipment experts diagnose, analyze, and source your problems, but we also offer customized solutions to correct them. From troubleshooting with technology like motion amplification and infrared thermography to creating customized maintenance plans, Vibe.FX boosts your operation’s reliability and efficiency.

Industries + Clients

From industrial oil and gas operations to heavy agriculture and institutional facilities, if you’re equipment has fans and blowers, pumps and compressors, turbines and expanders, motors and generators – we can help you.

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Partners + suppliers

As solution providers, we team up with trusted partners and suppliers to find the right solution for you.

Vibe.Fx solves your problems and engineers solutions

Troubleshooting + Consulting

Laser Alignment

Static+Dynamic Balancing

Vapour Scrubbing

Custom Engineered Solutions

Infrared Thermography


Care + Custody

Motion Amplification

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